Be a Restaurant of the future.

Vita Mojo’s technology platform empowers restaurant operators to deliver extraordinary customer experiences while increasing profitability.

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Tech that impacts the bottom line.

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Average increase in ATV with digital ordering


Average increase in throughput over peak for quick service restaurants


Average labour cost saving with self-service kiosks


Average increase in customer frequency of visit

Restaurant Technology Suite.

Self-Ordering Restaurant Kiosks

Increase your sales revenue with branded state-of-the-art kiosks with personalisation, automation and big data.

Online Ordering System

Reduce queues and increase customer retention with pre-ordering and Click & Collect.

Customer Data and Marketing

Real-time analytics gives you instant insights. Know what your customers buying and how frequently to better serve them.

Restaurant Management

Fully integrated EPOS and Back of House that increases staff productivity and supports efficient operations.


“One of the things I love about Vita Mojo is that they’re helping us on our mission to go from analog to digital - all of which is dropping to the bottom line”
Eric Partaker, Co-Founder of Chilango