Innovating Hospitality: Lessons from the Retail Sector

Hospitality and retail – both are cutthroat industries where profit margins can be narrow, buyer habits unpredictable and success requires speed, quality and excellent customer service. However, where retail has been radically transformed by innovation since the turn of the millennium, shifting over to ecommerce and digital, restaurants have largely clung onto their traditional systems and culture.  Over this transition, the retail brands which have survived, and even flourished, have been those.

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4 Ways to Reduce Labour Costs

Smart restaurant owners keep their costs down. However, there are some costs that even the most frugal of restaurateurs can’t avoid, namely those of food, beverages, utilities and labour.  Labour, in fact, is the single greatest expense for many restaurants. Without being strategically managed, the costs of hiring, training and paying your staff can easily spiral out of control. In the UK, managing labour costs carefully will only become even more important.

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5 Benefits of a Digital Menu

As people grow more accustomed to the convenience of mobile and completing tasks via a touchscreen, the world of food service must adapt to keep up. It’s time to bring some of those benefits of digital to your menus and your restaurant business. Do you struggle to see what the benefits really are? Maybe you already have a website where customers can order for delivery or click-and-collect, but you’re not sure about.

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3 Evidence-Based Diets To Try in 2020

What we eat has a big impact on our lives. We all know food can affect our weight and increase risks of illness and disease, but research also shows that our diets can determine how well we sleep, how happy we feel and how long we live. Because of this, more and more people are moving away from choosing foods purely for taste, convenience or tradition and searching for the perfect diet.

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The Battle to Eat Well: How Can Technology Help?

For the vast majority of human history, we faced the choice to eat the food that was readily available or to starve. Thanks to vast improvements in agricultural technologies and methods, most of us now live far from that reality. In fact, modern distribution systems mean we have access to seemingly unlimited culinary choices. The real struggle for the modern woman or man is not finding food to survive, but wading through.

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A Night Out to Remember: 5 Places Doing Experiential Hospitality Right

It’s 2020 and the battle for footfall is fiercer than ever. Slick branding, mouth-watering food and exceptional service – these are baseline expectations. Consumers spoilt by seemingly infinite choices aren’t just looking for great food, quality drinks and a reasonable price-tag any more; they’re looking for the most unique experience possible. In response, the marketplace is seeing more and more experiential hospitality venues opening: conventional outlets such as bars and restaurants with.

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