Building the Future Together: The Food Talk Show

In our modern, fast-paced world, the novelty of new innovations can fade blindingly quickly. One day the freshest tech product on the scene is ground-breaking, stock-raising and trending worldwide on Twitter; mere weeks later that same product has become an invisible part of day-to-day life. In the 21st century cycle of rapid development, a month or two can be long enough to downgrade a life-changing cultural bombshell into just another part of.

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Vita Mojo OS in your Restaurant: One Ecosystem out of the Box!

So, you’ve heard a lot lately about the benefits of adding technology to restaurants but how exactly can it benefit YOUR restaurant? Won’t getting it up and running be more hassle than it’s worth? Let’s take a whistle-stop tour of the Vita Mojo product suite and see how it makes running your restaurant easier from straight out of the box.   A Single Product Suite    Designed, built and tested in our.

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I am Doner x Vita Mojo

I am Doner is the award-winning chain starting a kebab revolution from a small takeaway shop in Headingley. In the 18 months since they started trading, they have seen immense success, growing to three sites throughout the Leeds region, and successfully redefining the kebab from go-to meal for the intoxicated to sophisticated lunch for sober foodies. “Vita Mojo are a pleasure to work with!” – Paul Baron, Director Determined to stay ahead.

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Global Food and Drink Trends for 2030

Key Insights from Mintel’s 2030 Global Food and Drink Trends   Healthy Diets Make a Healthy Planet Conscious consumption habits will inspire more people to consider the environmental and ethical impacts of their diets. Consumers will further prioritise plants in their diets, considering the planet’s health in mind as much as their own. Consumption of animal products will decrease and carnivores and flexitarians will want to have more transparency about the animal.

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Bristol: Vegan capital of the world

Bristol has long had the reputation of one of the best food scenes in the UK, in particular vegan food. According to GoogleTrends Bristol has one of the highest concentrations of Vegans in the UK and residents in Bristol typed in vegan-related searches throughout 2018 more than any other city across the globe. From food markets to quick service restaurants, we decided to take a dive exploring restaurants in the “Vegan Capital.

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Why Manchester’s Food and Drink Scene is Thriving in 2019

With research by the food and drinks analytics company CGA showing a thriving restaurant scene in Manchester (the number of restaurants in the city has risen by 1.3% compared to a national decline of 3.4% in the past 12 months), we thought we’d explore some of the contributing factors to its growth and success.  In the current climate of rising rents and business rates against the backdrop of oncoming Brexit threatening to.

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