Case studies


An addition 90 transactions per hour over peak.

Throughput increased by 20%.

Guacamole upgrades increased by 10%.

Average transaction value increased by 12%.

18% kiosk sales mix - saving labor costs.

Increased visibility on customer data of what they're ordering and when.

Case studies

Vita Mojo

92% of meals ordered by customers are personalised and 60% of those are designed totally from scratch.

A meal takes just 45 seconds to prepare with our efficient kitchen systems

Customer wait time for food service is 3 – 5 minutes

The amount of customer food waste is reduced

Service throughput at peak periods can increase by 18% compared to other QSR’s

Customers order 30-40% of food through our online restaurant ordering system

A DNAFit partnership means customers can benefit from genetically personalised meals

Takeaway menus online display food allergens, quantities and macro-nutrients clearly for customers

Improved service capacity through automation of repetitive tasks and more efficient kitchen management systems

Integrating systems available for front of house, back of house, restaurant analytics management and more.

More relevant customer marketing through big data helping to improve personalisation

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