Creating a great edge for a restaurant (F&B industry tips).

The F&B industry is constantly evolving. Restaurant trends come and go and many restauranteurs are feeling the pressure to re-position themselves in a highly competitive market place. But shifting or updating the USP of a business is a risky move and restaurant owners need to be sure the direction they are moving in is the right one.

Management software which analyses information across the entire restaurant ordering process is one of the most effective ways to help steer and implement this move. It will give you insights into your current customer preferences, show you where you can increase productivity and therefore profits which will ultimately lead to more customer loyalty and happier staff.

Vita Mojo’s operating system can help you identify the direction in which to take your restaurant and will give you the tools to analyse and adapt your approach during the transition. In the hope of providing some inspiration for your business’ next incarnation, we’ve pulled together a few examples of restaurant USPs and how our digital operating system can assist you through the change.

Fresh ingredients

There’s a huge push in the F&B industry at the moment towards eating seasonally. Local suppliers not only reduce a kitchen’s food miles (sustainability being another current hot topic) but it also means you’re serving ingredients when they taste their best. A short farm/field to plate time in also a great selling point in terms of flavour and quality of ingredients.

A commitment to fresh is going to mean a greater potential for waste, so to avoid waste in your restaurant a slick inventory management system is a must. It will use customer data to better forecast sales of different menu items so you can make your ordering more efficient. A flawless restaurant inventory management system and processes will ensure better customer retention that will decrease marketing costs too.



Low calorie, low-carb, low-sugar, low-fat, high GI, meat-free, diary-free, gluten-free… Healthy means different things to different people and any restaurant homing in on one group of ‘dieters’ could give you a specialist position amongst your fellow restauranteurs. Fully integrated restaurant software which gives you data to analyse your customers’ dietary requirements, likes and dislikes would provide you with the insight to spot future trends and help position yourself in a niche in the competitive F&B industry.

Less is more

Are you wasting time and money by offering a particularly extensive menu? Do you know what your most profitable dishes are? Which take the least amount of time to prepare? Software which helps you analyse your margins and turnaround time could boost profitability if you choose to streamline your offering.

Signature dishes

Most restaurants have dishes that customers return for time and time again. Using a technology platform that analyses your ordering data, you’ll be able to discover your most popular products, what time of the day/week/year people order them – incredibly helpful information when you come to re-define your USP – and when you schedule your digital advertising.

If you’d like to learn more about how Vita Mojo’s restaurant technology platform and how it can help redefine your business in the F&B industry, you can find more details about the product suite here


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