Nutritional Transparency & Personalisation.

The customers of today want to know exactly what they are eating. They want every meal to match their ethics, allergies, tastes and health needs. They want it to taste good. And they want it fast. It’s a complicated business, but we can help.

A digital ordering platform powered by Vita Mojo lets you delight your customers with a meal that’s right for them. Every time.
  • Let customers easily explore your menu digitally, both in store and online
  • Make nutritional information transparent
  • Allow filters for dietary preferences
  • Enable total meal customisation
  • Display allergens with clear labels
  • Appeal to the health-conscious consumer
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Our Philosophy.

Data-driven Food Service

Improve your restaurant productivity. Capture your restaurant's data for intelligent menu planning and strategy. Increased food quality, more efficient chain management, faster customer service and more. Boost performance and streamline operations.

Improve Productivity
Empower your restaurant staff

Automated solutions free up your staff to spend more time doing what they do best. Put the right technology in place so you can reduce complexity and boost efficiency at every touch point.

Automate Your Tasks
Personalisation is powerful

We strive to provide a memorable experience for customers. We segment your customers so you can create an ultra-personalised service for them. From bespoke menu discovery to tailored marketing, the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

Personalise Your Experience
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