The Solution for Restaurants, by Restaurants.

In 2015 Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu began Vita Mojo with an ambition to create communities for people and businesses to thrive in. Today we operate three branches in the city of London all successfully powered by Vita Mojo software.

Our restaurants constantly function as R&D centres for our software. From developing our kitchen display systems to fine-tuning POS software for customers, a live restaurant environment ensures our technology is always being developed to deliver the most efficient service solutions possible.

Vita Mojo OS is designed to improve all aspects of running a successful QSR outlet from quality of food to throughput, labour costs, marketing and more. We understand the challenges of running a quick service restaurant because we face those challenges ourselves too.

Now, we’re offering the solution.

Our Philosophy.

Data-driven Food Service

We want to improve your restaurant productivity. Effective analysis of the data collected by our system gives you insight for making better decisions. Increased food quality, more efficient chain management, faster customer service and more. We’re always focused on boosting QSR performance and streamlining restaurant operations.

Improve Productivity
Empower your restaurant staff

Automated solutions for repetitive tasks frees your staff to spend more time doing what they do best. Putting the technology in place to provide valuable analytics and insights means you can reduce complexity and boost efficiency at every touch point

Automate Your Tasks
Personalisation is powerful

We strive to provide a memorable experience for customers. Using the data collected by our programme, we differentiate individuals to let you create an ultra-personalised service for them. From bespoke menu discovery to tailored marketing, the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

Personalise Your Experience
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