Product Suite.

Restaurant front-of-house digitalised

Our pre-ordering (takeaway and eat in) website/apps, self-serve kiosks and state-of-the-art EPOS are fully integrated and centrally managed.

Improve throughput, reduce labour costs and increase average transaction value.

Restaurant back-of-house fully integrated

Our single technology platform links directly to restaurant kitchen operations, centralising your orders on easy-to-use kitchen display screens and food assembly system.

Increase productivity and staff satisfaction.

Restaurant data analytics & forecasting

Real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence gives you the instant insights to supercharge your business and boost income.

Reduce your food and beverage waste and optimise business decisions.

Restaurant best-in-class marketing tools

Customer segmentation, real-time behaviour tracking, valuable feedback, integrated referral and loyalty scheme – all seamlessly linked.

Increase sales with high average transaction value and improve frequency of customer visits and loyalty.

Software modules.

  • Kitchen display screens
  • Capacity management, assembly system & printer
  • Inventory & supply chain
  • Operations & site manager dashboard
  • Forecasting, powered by AI
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Pre-ordering website, android and iPhone apps
  • EPOS
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Personalised nutrition information
  • Personalised marketing
  • Digital loyalty