VIDEO: Current Challenges of the Restaurant Industry (Co-founder Interview).

“Right now, the UK restaurant industry is facing a bit of a perfect storm…”

We all know that opening a new restaurant is a serious feat to pull off no matter whether it’s a new high-end, independent bistro or a quick service restaurant franchise. There are a several hurdles an outlet needs to overcome to be successful the uber-competitive restaurant industry and experience is no guarantee to surpass them. We sat down with CEO and Co-Founder of Vita Mojo OS, Nick Popvici, to ask him what’s been going on in the market right now, why this has made it even more challenging, and the solutions Vita Mojo OS presents to overcome these.

Challenges of the Restaurant Industry
Interview with Vita Mojo Co-Founder, Nick Popovici.


You can watch Vita Mojo’s other co-founder, Stefan Catoiu, in his interview talking about restaurants before software or see how Vita Mojo OS has helped overcome these industry challenges for the innovative Mexican chain Chilango, in an interview with Eric Partaker, it’s CEO and co-founder.

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